Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should we pay attention to before flying?

    All passengers of domestic flights must be present at the airport one and a half hours before the flight time and go to the reception counter to get a flight card. Thirty minutes before the flight, the counter will be closed and the passenger will be considered as a survivor. Karun Airlines will not be responsible for the remaining passenger and the mentioned passenger will be given priority in the waiting list in the next flights.

  • What are the flight rules for pregnant women?

    The first pregnancy until the end of week 36 and the stamp of the obstetrician, the second pregnancy until the end of week 32 and the doctors diagnosis and the stamp and date. If there are any medical complications during pregnancy such as age and approval letter of the specialist.

  • What is the allowable load on the flight?

    The amount of cargo allowed depends on the flight class and the ticket price class. When buying a plane ticket online, you can see the amount of allowed load in the ticket information. It is natural that you should pay a fine if your load is too much.

  • What is the entry of unauthorized items on the flight?

    Sharp objects such as razors, knives, swords, scissors, etc. Sports goods including archery, ski boards, rifle components, weapons. Tools including axes, axes, wrenches. , Shock or confusing devices and other hazardous items that endanger flight safety.

  • Is it possible to change the name and surname after buying the ticket?

    On domestic or international flights, it is not possible to change the name and surname in the system ticket.

  • What are the conditions for returning a ticket?

    Cancellation of the passenger for any reason is subject to a penalty and the amount of the fine will vary according to the ticket price class. The passenger can select the tracking and refund option in the main menu of the website and by filling in the information, send his request and the money will be returned to the passenger online after deducting the fine.

  • Terms of buying a baby ticket

    Under seven days and the mother of the child, observing the patients admission and the doctors letter.