Engineering and repairs

The engineering and repair department of the company, having a maintenance certificate obtained from the Civil Aviation Organization, equipped a hangar in the repair center of the company (Ahvaz), including mechanical workshops, wing and body repairs, painting, electronics, electricity and using Specialized staff trained in various job categories such as senior aircraft maintenance experts, flight engineers, engineers and technicians, aircraft mechanics and assistant mechanics, all engineering and repair operations based on technical books and up to authorized categories of authority on mechanical parts (engine , Locusts, air conditioning auxiliary motors, landing gear, wing command surfaces, fuselage) and other electronic components, as well as communication systems (telecommunications) with periodic checks and inspections before the overhaul stage. (OVERHAAL) Performs on civil aircraft such as (FOKKER50, FOKKER100) in compliance with safety instructions.
It is noteworthy that the Deputy of Engineering and Repairs, by exploiting the above-mentioned capabilities, purchased specialized equipment and using the knowledge and experience of all affiliated employees in the five relevant departments (aircraft maintenance - quality assurance - engineering - planning Mechanics-Avionics workshops) which are mainly graduates of the country's aviation industry colleges or other prestigious educational institutions abroad, holder of International Basic Basic Certificates (BASIC) in the fields of engine, fuselage and electrical, aircraft electronics and specialized typing certificates. Special rating of each type of civil aircraft "F100, F50" are able to provide 24-hour services to the flight operations of their respective company in the repair center (Ahwaz) and sell this group of services listed to other customers (companies With the establishment of three other repair stations called LMO (LOCAL MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATION) in the sensitive and strategic areas of Assaluyeh, Kharg and Kish Island, domestic airline provided close and full-time support for important oil, gas exploration, production and export operations. .
The main activities of the Deputy of Engineering and Repairs
• Coordinating with the company's air fleet development plans by establishing a fleet of jet aircraft and adding 4 FOKKER100 aircraft.
• Complete FOKKER100 aircraft training (engine-fuselage and avionics)
• Maintenance of 4 FOKKER50 aircraft.
• Maintenance of 4 FOKKER100 aircraft.
• Obtaining a license to conduct periodic inspections of four thousand hours of F50 aircraft under the name of C1-CHECK, which was previously carried out in foreign sources or by foreign experts.
Obtaining a permit to carry out periodic checks and inspections of 8,000 F-50 aircraft under the name of C2-CHECK, which was previously carried out in foreign sources from the country or by foreign experts.
Launching the fleet of F50 type aircraft of Kish Air - Aria - Taftan Airlines.
• Performing for the first time checks and inspections of four thousand flight hours (C1-CHECK) of an F50 aircraft of Aria Airlines in the repair center of Iran Airlines (Ahvaz)
• Carrying out for the first time checks and inspections of eight thousand flight hours (C2-CHECK) of two F50 aircraft belonging to the respective company in Ahvaz repair center. To EP-OIL & PE-GAS registration marks
• Received for the first time a commendation from the Civil Aviation Authority for its extensive efforts in aircraft maintenance.
• Maintenance of PW125B FOKKER50 aircraft engines under ON-CONDITION maintenance programs using ENGINE CONDITION TREND MONITORING (E.C.T.M) operations.
• Complete operation of HOT SECTION IVSPECTION inside the company.
• Establishment and commissioning of aircraft parts support and repair workshops.
• Execution and implementation of instructions issued by the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran.
• Performing and executing technical bolt service on F100 and F50 type aircraft using the company's specialized capabilities and facilities.
• Complete and first painting of the F50 aircraft inside the company.
• Overhaul of a ground power generator (G.P.U).
• Overhaul of TOW TRUCK.