The Deputy Minister of Commerce and Procurement, as the communication link of the company with the operators and customers on the one hand, and the airlines, the National Aviation Organization and the country's airports on the other hand, is responsible. This area, while providing financial resources, acts as a support for other areas and creates the necessary coordination.
The main activities of the Deputy Minister of Commerce and Procurement
• Marketing to establish scheduled, special, emergency, VIP and ...
• Signing contracts and renewing them annually with oil exploiters.
• Coordinating and planning charter flights requested by oil operators.
• Coordinating and concluding contracts with authorized airlines to charter flights from Tehran and Shiraz.
• Coordinating and cooperating and concluding contracts with airport service companies in different airports to provide handling services to the company's civil flights.
• Coordinating and corresponding with the Civil Aviation Authority regarding obtaining the necessary licenses to establish civil flights.
• Continuous monitoring of how flights are performed and alternative flight planning in case of delays, cancellations, diversions, etc.
• Update the company's flight plan (real estate - charter) and notify all relevant authorities
• Update company flight statistics by day, type of flight (occasional, extraordinary, schedules, F-100 and F-50, number of passengers transported and cargo transported