Ticket cancellation conditions

Procedure for returning and canceling the ticket of Karun Airlines

Ticket refund can only be done in the same ticket issuing office, if you buy online from Karun site, you can use the ticket refund link.
Refund of domestic tickets is done in accordance with the provisions of the company's price rules as follows:
Rate ID Until 12 noon the day before the flight From 12 noon the day before the flight to 3 hours to fly From 3 hours to fly on NOSHOW
U/D/R/O/M 30% 50% 65%
F/E/X/Z/H 50% 50% 70%
L/LP/P/B/S/Y/N 50% 70% 70%
NQ/Q/K/V/I/J 50% 100% 100%

Cancellation conditions for a delay of more than 2 hours:
Contracting airlines:
Iran Air-Aseman-Mahan-Kish Air-Taban-Sepehran-Warsh-Ata-Caspian-Meraj-Qeshm Air-Saha