Remarkable clients to the cargo unit of Karun Airlines

- Terms and conditions of cargo delivery
Required Documents :
Providing the bill of lading number and 4 digits of the last bill of lading number is required.
Delivery in this unit is done only to the recipient.
Receipts received by offices, companies, stores, etc., must be submitted by the clients of the sealed letter of introduction.
Provide valid identification documents such as:
  1. The original identity card
  2. The original of the certificate
  3. The original national card
  4. The original computer card of the Martyr Foundation and the Veterans Foundation
  5. Passport
Also, photos or copies of ID cards are not valid.

Carriage of cargo containing dangerous goods on an aircraft is subject to certain national and international regulations, such cargo must be properly stated and clearly identified as cargo containing dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods:
Dear colleagues of the cargo unit, it is required to implement and supervise the above cases, and it is obvious that the approver of the bill of lading is responsible for its proper performance in terms of guaranteeing the rights of Karun Airlines, and ...