Corona virus

Karun Airlines passenger safety instructions to deal with Covid disease 19
  1. Thermometry of suspicious passengers upon arrival at the airport
  2. Get a flight card
  3. Provide health packages to passengers (masks, gloves and disinfection pads and shields)
  4. Thermometry before boarding a plane
  5. Suspicious people are prevented from boarding the plane.
  6. Suspicious passengers are introduced to the airport health center.
  7. Suspicious and marked passengers are refused to board the plane.
  8. Suspicious passengers are reported to the airport health center and health centers.
  9. The need to use a mask in flight for all passengers
  10. Separation of a suspicious passenger from other passengers
  11. Report and introduce a suspicious passenger to the destination airport
  12. Disinfection of aircraft if a suspicious item is observed
  13. Keep the last two rows of the last seats of the plane empty according to the instructions of the Corona Anti-Corruption Headquarters